Letters To #Aboki


That Drunkard Was A Good Man

Once upon a time, there lived a man. He was hardworking yet always drunk; drinking was his middle name and nobody respected him. He would do many menial jobs and afterwards, spend some time at the bar. One day he died…

Special Feature

Career Mothers. How do they cope?


Is Basic Education Really Free?

“I went to the Kwabenya M/A JHS to enroll my child because she completed primary school around that school. When I got there, I was presented with a list, and they had written on PTA dues, admission fee among others, amounting to a total of GHC 179, and that’s not all…click to continue reading




20 Hilarious Tweets That Welcomed #FreeSHS

If you think you’re still in dreamland, then it’s time to wake up, carry your trunk and get to class. It’s free! According to the NPP, they saw it, they liked it and they have finally launched it (allow me to borrow Charlotte Osei’s words).

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Poverty & A Failing Kidney

Danfa Police Station Finally Operational

BE MOTIVATED: Don't Ever Think It's Too Late


Is Basic Education Really Free In Ghana? 

The implementation of the Free Senior High School is good news for parents whose wards are in second cycle institutions. However, for some parents in public basic schools, especially the Junior High School, the notion that basic education in Ghana is free, is just a fallacy.

Where Do You Sleep?

The Challenges of renting a home in Ghana is real. Apart from the outrageous or sometimes high rent charges, contractual obligations of landlords are not adhered to in most situations. Are you comfortable with where you lay your head? Listen to some of the harrowing stories of people who aren’t.

Acid Over Guns

A young man’s fight for life and justice- a year after an acid attack.

The Plight of Street Children in Accra


How I Was Almost Lynched

She looked six or seven, virtually in tatters, looking very dirty with a sniveling face, wiping off herself as if she had survived a stampede.

“Sister! Give me the phone you just took from me when I fell down running” she demanded in Akan…

My Fist Uber Ride

I didn’t expect that!

Intricacies Of Life

Of hope, repentance, hustle and a mother’s love.

Keys To The Vagina

Ladies, have you handed over your keys to the Lord already?


When Pregnancy Becomes A Death Sentence…


…the babies they give birth to are not carrying horns on their heads or pitchforks; neither do they set the house on fire or cause a flood.

There Are No “Small Wives”

It starts as simple “flattery,” or “compliments,” as I suppose these patronizing monikers would seek to achieve…

Forget You Not 

Remind yourself, every now and then, not to forget you.