Intricacies Of Life

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At the bus stop, a middle-aged pastor preaches vehemently with his left arm crossed behind him. At first glance, you’d think the arm had been amputated but it’s not- he’s only trying to hide his tattoo in his short sleeve shirt. #Repentance
Twin Senior High School (SHS) boys on their way to school struggle for a vehicle. Most of the buses they stop have room for just one of them- yet, none is ready to leave the other behind.#Love
In the bus, a mother encourages her SHS hopeful boy as she pulls out his school documents from a brown envelope and glances through one more time. #MothersLove
On the streets are MTN branded trucks with a noisy bunch of exuberant youth dancing their hearts out to mark the telecom’s so-called 15million users. #Hustle

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