#TaxiChat With A Scared Voter

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 October 25, 2016 

The few times I pick a taxi, I try to generate an election related conversation to gauge the views of people ahead of December 7.

Today, this driver got ahead of me and posed the question after catching bits of news on Peace FM news at 6. It was election dominated as usual and that prompted him to quiz me.

”Madam who are you voting for?” he took the lead before I could play my little game on him.

“Why do you want to know?” I swerved by answering with a question.

“Oh nothing really. I just have a feeling this election will be tough”

“Tough?” I got a bit curious.

“Yes madam. I had a dream… (he toned down his radio set)

…that Nana Addo had won but his presidency was rejected.”

“Wow, you mean he won but wasn’t declared president?”

“Yes madam…and Ghana was plunged into chaos. It was terrible and I even told my pastor about it.”

“How did your pastor interpret it?”

“He told me to pray and he’ll also do so”

“Guess we should all pray” I said wryly before getting off the taxi at Adabraka.

Meanwhile in the gloom of the night, where dumsor is evident, a man in tattered black clothes strides lazily in front of the Adabraka police station. I could hardly see him in the dark except for the goods tied in a big transparent polythene bag loosely resting over his shoulders.

“I’ll vote for John Mahama… I’ll vote for John Mahama” he murmurs slowly as he makes steady steps to his destination; swaying left to right, visibly unsure of which way to go after each step.

These are some of the interesting things I come across daily which set me thinking about the whys and why nots.

As i leave the office, I just hope my home has not been ‘de-lighted.’ I would have no choice though than to give Dumsor it’s place.


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