The Mad Passenger

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 July 22, 2016      

This morning, a lady went berserk in the troski and her behaviour was nothing I’d witnessed in a long time.

The fair maiden had given the conductor (mate) Gh20 and had constantly demanded her change. The mate played deaf and allegedly retorted with a snub. She got angry and went wild.

I sat in the front seat very uncomfortable, I was shaking, praying she’d not land a slap on the mate’s face. That would have been chaotic considering how furious the driver was. He almost got out of the car to drag her out if another passenger in the first seat hadn’t grabbed his hand.

As I kept turning my head to steal glances at her, I noticed her long hand was stretched all the way from the third seat of the sprinter bus towards the door where her prey continuously exchanged words with her.

The other passengers tried talking her to calm down but she’d rather have something to smash the mate’s head. She was distraught.

“Do you know me? I will beat you like my own child.

Me I don’t tolerate nonsense ooo, I am different!

I am a man-woman. I’ll make you regret your existence” she continuously rebuked the young man.

None of us could utter a word- not to defend nor scold. No one was ready to carry the cross.

By the time she dropped, the other women had already diagnosed her.

“I think she has severe psychological problems,” said one woman.

“Just look at her skin, you could tell she use to be a very dark woman but for a machine she probably used” another chipped in.

“Oh lord, please have mercy on the man she marries” another concluded with laughter.

I can only wish they’d said this in her presence. I bet I’d have witnessed my first world war.

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