Forget You Not

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Every now and then

You need to remind yourself

Of who you are

 Where you been at

 What you capable of

Then proceed to serve those around you

With this memo

Sometimes we fall into rut

Self-deprecating rut

we just can’t shake it off

But I think we owe it to ourselves

To pull that album out

 That box of letters

 Those little notes and diaries kept

Previous certificates

Those records we used to keep

 And just soak in them

To awaken that woman or man that you were

The dormant self who has been frightened into silence

Or relegated by our own forgetfulness

You didn’t come out of nowhere you know?

You journeyed here

Make it count for something

And stop being so forgetful of who you are

You don’t get what you deserve

You get what you negotiate, they say

How are you going to negotiate?

When you have forgotten you?

By: Sandister Tei

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