You’re Either Good Or Bad

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Dear Future Me,

Everybody has a story to share; good, bad, funny, sad. They are experiences and everybody has one.

After tertiary school, I remember my friends and I debating about whose life story if published will win an award. I always thought I stood a chance. After all, my life had taken more twist and turns than theirs (my opinion).

I have been on my own since forever. I still battle with the perception that it’s a freedom- yet, all I see is the curse and huge responsibility that comes with it.

Why do I have to decide everything for myself? Why do I have to stay on my own? Why are my folks expecting so much from me? What if I disappoint them? What if…?

Mind you, I’m the only girl among three guys but was never close to them. I always felt isolated and grew to love being by myself more.

As I go through life trying to make the right decisions, survive whilst staying connected to God (trust me, it hasn’t been easy), I began to see the world the way I think it was created. There are only two groups of people on earth. The good ones who do good things, and the bad ones who do bad things. Simple!

The knowledge of good and evil has always been the genesis of this world anyway. It’s either something is good or bad; either a decision is good or bad. Even with relationships (that is a different story), it’s either the person is good for you or a bad choice.

However, I don’t fault people who come out being bad, I believe it’s a personal decision. But I believe being good is a must. What fun is there in making people feel terrible only to make yourself feel better.  I believe the meaning of my name, Felicia, should not only apply to me but should be experienced by others. My name means happiness and I wish to leave a mark in my absence. Happiness knows no pain, it knows no sorrow- the reason I have survived through thick and thin.

I still think my story is the best even though it’s yet to start. I am currently on a new chapter and I can’t wait to see how it will end. The only thing is, after that chapter, there is another chapter and another and another….it just goes on and on.

But I’m patient because it’s only through that, I will get to finally meet you, future me.

Sent by: Felicia Osei

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