Sss…Check Yourself!

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There she goes!

Twisting and spinning like she’s won a lottery. Do you blame her?

10 million cedis Peruvian hair nicely woven on her skull in a way that makes her blush

World trade center bag effortlessly fixed on the radius of her arm without a dash

Off to town she sets, cat-walking and parading herself like a model

Where to?

Do I even know?

She strides elegantly thinking the world lies in her Gucci purse

People stare and watch with gruesome faces as if to “sss” and tell her the mess

In her naïve mind, she thinks “damn I look hot!”

Sorry, Miss! Your leggings is screening a lot

As if she cares? Oh yea, she’s aware!

She flirts with the tune of the wind swaying her away

Spontaneous smiles transmits to baffled street admirers who don’t really give a fuss

Excuse me miss, your hair is a mess!

Unaware, she still thinks “damn I look hot!”

Now, who will be bold to tame this lioness?

Oh yes, she is! Just be sure she doesn’t mistake you for a prey

She looks red but it’s a pity, she’s unaware

Oh, tell her!

Please tell her

Tell her, her butt is painted

Tell her, her hair is raised

Tell her, her bra is showing

Tell her, her zipper is opened

Please don’t forget to tell her that she rather looks horrible

0ops! Smiles are fading now and anxiety steps in

Now she knows and she is tamed

She got nothing to say but I got something to say to her

When you walk along the street and you feel people staring at you

It is just one of two reasons

Either you look hot or you look horrible

Don’t be too quick to conclude for the former when you haven’t rechecked

At least I have told you!

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