Racism Against Slim Girls: I Stand With Muntari

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So this lady with her big thighs could not even budge for me to sit comfortably. All she did was to bury her head in her phone and fidget while I struggled to get a balance on the front seat, so I don’t end up falling off if the door mistakenly opens.

I saw her hand over her money to the mate and said ” mate Sakaman junction” then she went back to her phone, totally forgetting that we were only one minute away from her destination.

I watched the driver drive past Busia, Odorkor, Darkuman junction, then stopped at a traffic light at Dansoman junction.

“Oh, driver! I’ll alight at Dansoman junction!” she exclaimed.

“Ah, see where I’ve reached. All the way from Sakaman. Ah!” she kept murmuring as I opened the door to let her out.

I wish she’d join us to circle.

No, this is not wickedness. I am just joining Sulley Muntari to say NO TO RACISM. Racism against slim girls. This nonsense must stop. #TrotroWahala

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